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not that there's any point to this - the story of a charmless man [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Captain Bastard

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not that there's any point to this [Nov. 28th, 2010|10:43 pm]
Captain Bastard
[tunes |bardo pond]

I probably ought to get out more. Only I do feel terribly terribly poor these days. I have a great distaste for your conventional working hours, I am for ever tired again much of the time but my, my I must write (he tries to say again).

ATP this weekend mind, which I intend to make terrific fun.

Perhaps I am learning my view on the world, what with all this time? I mean perhaps, anyway. And such ludicrous promises I make my yet to be conceived children, such things!

I should do more about the house. I should have enough money to live a little bit. I should find a pretty girl or have her find me and find out what they taste like again. I should do away with women altogether and take up with a man, that would be the thing, that would be exciting. I wont even drink the much of this bottle of rum, there isn't the satisfaction to be had in it perhaps, or perhaps it's winter come on, still; these moments of vivid colours are something. and clarity or very like it.

there would be much to be said for a coherent world picture but I dare call it an indication of an all too narrow mind. break yourself apart a little.

and back to that rum.

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